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The political processes in today's world increasingly accentuate the differences among people on the basis of their beliefs. As a result, thousands of people suffer from the consequences of manipulations over religion for the political purposes.

In modern world there are certain political interests artificially generating negative opinions about Islam, which in fact is a symbol of peace and justice. As a result, some representatives of other religions create conditions when our prophets are facing disrespect, as this in its turn creates a climate of religious confrontation that threatens whole humanity and global peace.
For this reason, our religions should be brought to the world in way that will oppose the formation of negative, provocative positions against any of religions. It is necessary to bring to the world the common values of peace, mercy, tolerance, justice and morality, the morals, which are propagated by our religions. These values should be taught to our younger generation.

Peace is a universal responsibility, and every individual living in society should be able to stand up and contribute to the prosperity of a healthier, more just civil society and to the development of peace culture in that society.

As Evsen Foundation we have undertaken a glorious mission and in frames of this task we hosted our Second Conference on November 6 in Madrid. This initiative is a welcome addition to the Spanish government, specifically supported by the Ministry of Justice, and the opening of the conference personally by the Minister, as a tolerant country of Spain, to the religions and multicultural values.
This initiative was welcomed by the Spanish government, and it was particularly supported by the Ministry of Justice. The conference was initiated by the opening speech of the Minister. This fact shows that Spain is a country, tolerant to all religions and it believes in multicultural values.

The conference was organized on a large scale and it was attended by 600 people from 56 different countries. Among participants were state and government officials, religious leaders, business people and intellectuals from countries like Spain, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, Russia, Israel, Albania, England, Morocco and etc. The conference this year was different from the one in 2016, because along with the official part we had an artistic intervention too; the conference had a Choir from Antakya, which had 36 singers. Under the Ministry of Culture of Turkey, this choir represented the three holy religious cultures. Besides, the conference had a participation of Spanish Choir UNED. Furthermore, as symbol of peace, the representatives of young generation released white pigeons.

In addition, the President of the Evsen Foundation, Mr. Ali Evsen, presented to the guests, who showed their strong support, a memorial gift, the sculpture showing the equality of the three religions. The mentioned sculpture was created by the famous sculptor, who got inspired by the positive impact of our first conference of 2016.

One of the most important moments of the conference was the opening and presentation of the magnificent painting made by the famous Spanish painter Juan Fortuny. This painting is based on the thoughts and sketches of Mr. Ali Evsen.

Also, the participants of the conference were given a book, written by Mr. Ali Evsen, which narrates about the above mentioned painting.

The event was preceded by a press conference with high-level representatives of three major religions - Cardinal Rouco Varela, Sheikhulislam Allahshukur Pashazadeh, the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Shlomo Moshe Amar, the Special Representative of the Patriarch of Cyril Alexander Buleko and the President of the Evsen Foundation Ali Evsen. The speakers responded to the questions of the representatives of local and foreign media, saying that the tools of violence were not a pretext to the conflicts but of the peace and security, and urged all believers to mobilize their efforts.

The conference, which started right after the press conference, was presented by a broad speech program. The moderator of the event was Alfredo Urdaci, the famous Spanish journalist.
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The conference was attended by State Adviser on Multinational, Multicultural and Religious Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic Kamal Abdullayev, Chairman of the Caucasian Muslims Office (CMO) Sheikh-ul-Islam Allahshukur Pashazade, Mubariz Gurbanli, Abel Maharramov, also, heads and representatives of the diplomatic corps in Spain, scientists and religious leaders, local and international media representatives.